Novelist Donal Ryan on why he loves Limerick in Cara magazine

Limerick featured in Aer Lingus Cara magazine

It was a lovely surprise to see Limerick featured so prominently in this month’s issue of Cara, Aer Lingus’ in-flight magazine. The esteemed writer, Donal Ryan, explains why he has so much love for the city. Here are some highlights from the article which we found particularly apt.

“Limerick is the friendliest of cities; people look out for each other and for     stranges. It’s a city full of msic and theatre and art and good old-fashioned craic.”

It’s easy to forget that Limerick has “stood against Vikings and Norsemen, Cromwellian and Williamite armies; it declared itself an independent soviet in 1919, issued its own currency and faced down an Empire.”


Donal Ryan on Limerick in Cara magazine“For such an ancient place, there’s a youthful vibrancy to Limerick. It’s a city worth experiencing.”

Well said Mr. Ryan! You are welcome round to Robinsnest any time.

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